Make your Photos safe with Watermark – A Visible Digital Mark!

These days’ Digital cameras are common. If you upload Photos to the Web, you will be at the risk of any person copying the pictures andmaking use of it without procuring the permission. You will be able to protect the digital pictures from any kind of unauthorized copying and by adding a watermark to your photos. The watermarking software is very simple and easy to install and to use. When you add the watermarkto the images you will see the visible overlay which will encompass the copyright notice or the logo. This mark prevents the thieves from using the images devoid of your permission, however, it also makes it to be quite much difficult to use images without your consent. By placing the watermark in the area which will distort the complete photo if it gets removed, you will be able to more efficiently protect the pictures.

If you share the photos to the Web, then you would never know what could happen. Any person can take these photos for their use and even for Malicious purpose, you may never know.Mass Watermark assists you to add an image, text as well as logo to the pictures for protecting your copyrights; the watermarking software will verify the pictures which get protected from the unauthorized use of these photos.The Watermark software is very fast photo processor which support all the famous formats.

The software has an Inbuilt watermark designer which you can use to create your personalized branding eg:Business Logo Watermark.You can apply this watermark to a Batch of Photos with few Clicks.There is a Resizing option which allows you to Batch Resize Photos in a single workflow.There is an option to upload the watermarked photos directly to Picasa/Flickr.

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