Tips to use watermarking in an appropriate way!

Digital photography has made clicking pictures as well as uploading them on your personal websites much easier. Unluckily, it has also made unauthorized or illegal usage of the digital photographs much easier. This results in the need for protection of digital images, you can achieve this by watermarking your images with the help of a watermarking software.

There is no doubt that you need to employ watermarking as you need to restrict public access of your photographs. People can lift images from your website or Blog and use them without any permission or attribution.With the help of a batch photo watermarker you will be able to protect and safeguard these images. But with the help of watermarking, access to photographs will become much secure. The bulk watermark tool incorporates a much simple process when you want to watermark pictures in bulk. Thus this frees you from work which is much complicated involving the use of graphic editing tools. All you should do is to find software particularly designed to watermark the pictures.

There are many batch watermark software that you may find on the Internet. Many such applications, come with the minimal fee.However, the price for the software mainly depends on features that you wish to have.

When you have chosen the software that meets your requirements, the other step is choosing the watermark that you wish to use. You can use a text watermark or Logo Watermark. Thus, you will be able to keep the pictures well organized as they should be.

Generic text Watermark

This type of watermark does not have relation to the images or to the identity of the photographer. You may use the text”Sample” for the watermark, or the word “Demo”. It is mainly to show the public that your images are not free to use.

Specific text Watermark

Just like the name suggests, the watermark is specific in the nature. You may use a name or filename. Moreover, you may choose the name of your website, as it will serve as an additional advertisement.

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