Know the Significance of Watermarking

Since the influence of photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa as well as social media is increasing day by day, sharing pictures online has become a routine for many people. These pictures published online can be stolen and people may copy them and use them for their commercial activities and websites. Securing digital photography online is a challenging task. However, it has become very easy now with the help of photo watermark software. Generally, a watermark is transparent logo or text that shows your copyright which is superimposed on the top of the picture to be secured. A watermark is useful for protecting your image as well as it is used to boost your online presence because visitors will get to know regarding your work through your images.

Watermarking of the pictures is a tedious task with the use of normal picture editing tools, but there are tools like batch photo watermarker that are particularly designed for this reasons. Mass Watermark has been crafted for aptness, ease, and speed. You can easily watermark more than hundreds of pictures within a few minutes thus preventing lag or break in your work.

What are benefits of Watermarking?

Avoid using a large visible watermark on the pictures as it covers a larger portion of the picture, and it can disturb the focus of the viewer. But, watermarking is a good habit particularly, if you are a commercial photographer and you post your images online. Watermarking a picture is a personal choice and it is not a perfect way to secure your picture; however it will surely make people think twice before trying to copy and use your pictures without your permission. There are several different methods to include a watermark to the images, from including it with the help of photo editing software, to using watermarking software programs that are capable of watermarking all your pictures in batches.

Important things to consider before watermarking

There are some very significant things that you need to keep in mind before using a photo watermark software for watermarking. Always save your original pictures and keep them in a safe file so that there will be no possibility they will inadvertently be lost at the time of photo-editing. You should also make different copies of your watermarking and keep them in a different folder so that you can easily find them in future. Decide if you want to add watermark into your photos one by one or in batches. If there are too many pictures to be watermarked then you can make use of bulk watermark tool and watermark them in batches. But, you won’t have full control over the exact placement of your watermarks like when you do when watermarking images separately. Just visualize how your watermarked pictures will look like. Try out with its location, opacity, and size. The bigger and clear the watermark, the superior it is for safety purposes. Try hard to get the stability by making your watermark noticeable but not invasive.


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